SRE Curriculum

Every child will access a full and diverse curriculum which challenges and develops them to grow academically, personally and socially.

As spiritual beacons and through our curriculum we are all:

  • Readers
  • Believers
  • Communicators
  • Explorers

Through SRE we interweave these drivers in as many ways as possible.

For example:

Reading we encourage children to read new vocabulary, read information and symbols to keep them safe and read ideas and views of others to understand a bigger picture

Believers all children should believe in themselves, they should have the confidence to go out into the community around them as well as the wider world. They should believe that they are all different but if they develop strong relationships, a sense of safety and understanding of being healthy they should be confident and positive about themselves.

Communicators  children will explore how to communicate their emotions in a range of ways. They will be given support to help share their feelings, their concerns and their opinions in an appropriate way

Explorers children will explore themselves and others. They will have an understanding of what makes them unique, what makes them feel happy and safe and what might make them feel worried.


With our Christian values and No Outsiders work underpinning our teaching across school we will aim to deliver this SRE curriculum with sensitivity and understanding and ensuring all children feel valued. Through these drivers and the delivery of the SRE curriculum we want our children to have clear understanding of themselves and the world around them.  All children should know what is healthy (in a range of contexts) and how to keep themselves safe.

Our children will be taught the statutory aims of the Relationships Education and we will teach Sex Education in line with what our school community needs. We have taken steps to ensure that lessons and topics are taught in an age appropriate manner.

As a result of feedback from parents on our RSE curriculum, the scheme of work we have chosen to use across school is called Heart Smart and this has a specific scheme for church schools . There are two elements to the curriculum – RE which is the statutory Relationship Education (covered by Heart Smart) and the SE which is the Sex Education which we have tailored to meet the needs of our children based on feedback. We will use elements from the Christopher Winters Project when looking the Sex Education element of the curriculum for our pupils. All resources are available from school to look at. 

As ever we will always take the needs of our children in to consideration. With our Christian values and No Outsiders work underpinning our teaching across school we will aim to deliver this curriculum with sensitivity and understanding and ensuring all children feel valued.

With subjects such as RSE they may lead to conversations and questions from children that may not appear within the curriculum, teachers will choose whether they need to discuss issues raised with the class or with children individually.

The comments that were raised in the questionnaire are also reflected on here:

  • All families will be celebrated, this will include single parent families, families with same sex parents and those where friends form family.
  • Marriage is discussed in Y6 but there will be an understanding that it is not for everyone and it may not last
  • Where friendships makes us feel unvalued it is ok not to continue these friendships
  • Children will reflect upon keeping themselves safe from strangers both in real life and online and what and who can help us in difficult situations e.g. police, fire service knowing our addresses
  • Strategies to help with mental health issues e.g. mindfulness will be discussed
  • Positive body image will be discussed and that we all look different, keeping ourselves healthy (eating and exercise) is important not what we look like
  • Healthy eating and exercise will be discussed in a positive manner encouraging children to try new things
  • When talking about drugs, alcohol and tobacco, the reasons why people use these things will be discussed as well as that even though some are legal they can still be addictive and lead to long term health problems
  • Immunisations, vaccines, allergies will be discussed, children will learn what they are but they will understand that vaccinations are choices
  • When discussing puberty both boys and girls will learn about the changes that happen to each other and that changes take place at different ages and never to feel embarrassed about what is happening
  • Contraception will be alluded to in Y6 in a way that children understand that people may enter into a sexual relationship without having to have a baby and keeping themselves healthy

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