What do the children say?

We regularly meet with the children to find out what they think about their learning and time in school.  Please read on to find out what they think and what we’ve done about it …….

Spring 2


"I like all my toys and my teachers.  I love playing with all our toys and with my friends.  I have learnt all my sounds and numbers now too!"  

Year 1

"I love my teachers because they help us focus on what we are learning.  My favourite lesson is Maths.  I enjoyed saying my speech because it was the first time I have said a speech in front of a crowd and I felt brave."

Year 2

"My favourite lesson is Maths because we do lots of fun and interesting work and we are learning now about our times tables and money.  I think we have lots of good lessons."

Year 3

"I love doing all my work as it is always fun and we learn lots of new knowledge.  I like seeing my friends in school.  All the lessons are my favourite as I like everything we do!"

Year 4

"Our playground is great as it is big and has lots of different things for us to do now.  My favourite lesson is English as I love writing stories.  Everyone in the school is really nice and no-one pushes you out and they are all welcoming."

Year 5

"I like how we do a range of things and each day is different.  The lessons help expand our brain in a fun and realistic way."

Year 6

We have lots of interactive lessons that are fun.  All the teachers and people in the school are lovely and fun.  We have a good mixture of lessons.  We recently made out own Islands in Geography which was so good!"














We learn, we play, we care, we pray, in Jesus' name

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