What do the children say?

We regularly meet with the children to find out what they think about their learning and time in school.  Please read on to find out what they think and what we’ve done about it …….


Teaching and Learning

100% enjoy learning at school

91% teachers’ explanations are clear and easy to follow

73% teachers praise me when I do well, 37% teachers sometimes praised me when I’ve done something well

100% teachers mark our work fairly

100% teachers help me improve my learning

Children say it is hard to learn when children are distracting us or we don’t have a teaching assistant to support us/work in pairs.

SO …..

All the information has been shared with staff for them to be aware of how the children feel

From Easter 2017 we are increasing the number of certificates on a friday


Reading KS2

Most of us read a magazine, website, newspaper each week

All of us read a fiction/fact book almost every day

We read poems 2-3 times per month

We would read more if school and family encouraged us to read more

Some of us wish there were more books in the library to choose from

SO ….

March 2017 – Over £1000 spent on books for the library including a good selection on equality and poetry

Writing Upper KS1/Lower Ks2

We like to write everywhere especially our indepdent writing books as we can write lots

We like writing stories

We should write every day

We have written superb pieces about – vikings, chester zoo, meerkats.

Sometimes we write at home

We like it when the adults help us with our writing

We like to write on nice borders

Most of us prefer to write on our own

Some of us find spelling difficult.

SO ….

We are having a focus on spelling throughout school

Reading KS2

We read magazines/websites/comics 2-3 times per month

Some of us read every day

We would read more if someome read alound to us, we had more time, books had more pictures, our friends read more

SO ….

Book Advent

Reading week activities to promote reading including Governors reading to children,

Reading KS1

We are good readers

We like books with suprises and stories make us feel excited

Most of us read magazines, websites and information books

We only read poetry when we are doing it in class

We don’t go to the local library very often

SO …..

Lets go on a trip to the local library

Teaching and Learning KS1

We are happy to come to school because we like learning and we get peace and quiet to work

We sometimes worry when it’s our first day in a new class

Our favourite things are independent writing, phonics and maths

Some of us find homework hard if we don’t get any help

If we find learning hard in class we ask an adult or try again

We are proud of our learning when our teachers are happy with it and when we get the answers right

We would like to do more poetry, learning about dinosaurs, volcanoes and football.

Some people are bossy.

SO …..

Teachers are aware of the above, let’s see what we learn next!

We learn, we play, we care, we pray, in Jesus' name

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