Year 2 2021 - 2022

Mrs Grimster

Head of School, Inclusion manager, Year 2 teacher

Mrs Sewell

Welcome to Year 2!!!

 Welcome back to Summer 1!

We had a great half term and loved visiting a real life plane!

Important Weekly Timetable:

Mrs Sewell Monday -Tuesday and Mrs Grimster Wednesday - Friday

Monday: Hand in homework


Wednesday: PE day (come in to school in correct PE uniform) and homework handed out

Thursday: PE day

Friday: Reading books changed by Mrs Anderton

Please look out for School Spider messages for any changes to the timetable.

This half term we have lots of fun learning planned out and we love to see any learning linked to this at home too! 


This half term we are focusing on Letter Writing and Non-Chronological texts.  We are continuing to try and use a range of punctuation, adjectives and conjunctions whilst introducing the subordinating conjunction ‘if and that’ and learning about apostrophes for contracted forms e.g. didn't. In Year 2 we are working really hard on our handwriting and ensuring it is all the same size with ascenders and descenders and our key spellings and applying our phonic knowledge.

Phonics/Shared Reading

In Year 2 we are working really hard on applying our phonics sounds to our reading to make our reading more fluent and expressive.  We are also focusing on answering a range of comprehension questions using past Year 2 SAT's papers.


As well as continuing to practice our four methods of calculation, we are staring to learn about fractions 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 and 1/3 and finding farctions of amounts.  We are also practising Money and starting to learn different measurements and scales.

Topic – History and Geograohy Focused

This half term we are looking at ‘Chester Zoo’  Within this we will focus on the significant individuals and events that happened when creating the zoo and the importance of it and their work.  We will also the look at maps of Chester Zoo and the importance of a key and then create our own.


This half term we are learning about Judaism.   We will be finding out about Jewish artefacts (e.g. Torah scroll, Yad, Tallit), place of worship (Synagogue) and Jewish family life.  


This half term we are learning about plants.  We will analyse different types of seeds, plant our own seeds to bring home.  We will also learn tricky words such as 'germination' and 'phototropism'.  We will be conducting experiments to find out which temperature is best for plants to grow.  


This half term we are looking at William Morris and the 'Printing' technique.  From discussing his work we will then recreate images using ICT, Monoprinting and cardboard block printing.

Our DT topic this half term is 'Sensational Salads'.  We will be sorting fruit and vegetables into those that grow above and below the ground.  We will also be tasting different foods and preparing and making our own salads too.  


In PE we will develop our ball skills and take part in circuits.  Within the circuits we look at how exercise affects our body and how we can improve our scores each week.


In Music our new song is called 'Zootime'.  We will learn how to sing the song, play a series of notes on the glockenspiel, improvise and then compose our own set of notes.  


This half term we are using the skills and internet safety we have already developed to create pictures using 2Simple art techniques in the style of different art and artists. 


Animales! We will practice all our Spanish vocabulary and learn how to say different animal names.


Within Heartsmart we are focusing on how being fake is a mistake and how we should be ourselves and be proud of who we are.  We will also look at sun safety too.

Trips – Keep an eye out!

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