Learning Mentor

Hello I am Mrs Trousdale the Learning Mentor at Christ Church!

I am the school ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) which entails meeting with children for one to one sessions to support their wellbeing. 

I can also offer a TAF (Team around the family) or represent the child and family as part of a TAF for families who feel they require additional support.  .

I am the designated Safeguarding Lead so will deal with any safeguarding issues that may arise.  

I am a licensed practitioner to deliver the 123 magic parenting programme.

I am the lead for projects that support children through transitions and raise their aspirations once they leave primary school.  

I often meet with parents who are having difficulties at home and put support strategies in place to support them to make improvements.  

I monitor attendance and will send letters of support to put strategies in place to improve attendance.

I make referrals to appropriate agencies when our families need support beyond what we can offer such as young carers and school health.  

If you feel there is an area I can help you in then please come in or ring school to book an appointment.

We learn, we play, we care, we pray, in Jesus' name

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